Safe Openings

Have you lost your combination or has your safe stopped working? Our service tech has over 20 years of safe opening experience. We will open and repair your safe to get it back into working order. Call us to schedule an appointment or get pricing.

Combination Changes

Want to get a new safe combination? You can either give us a call and we can come to you or bring in your safe door and we can change it at our shop.

Repair & Maintenance

Safe locks are meant to last a life time but need to be maintained. A simple clean and grease every few years keeps the wheels in your lock working smoothly. We work on the locks, the hinges and the handles. This also includes any small locks in or on your safe. Give us a call.

Safe Moving

We are an insured safe moving company. Our specially designed trailer and moving equipment helps us move your safe where it needs to go. Visit our Safe Moving page for more information.