New Safes

We have over 100 new and used safes in our showroom. Come on in and get a hands on experience. We can help you find the safe that you are looking for that will fit all your needs.

Fire Safes

Do you have some documents that you would like to keep from prying eyes? A fire safe may be the safe for you. It will protect your important documents from people browsing through things and also give you protection in case of a fire.

Avg Cost: $150-$400

Burglar/Fire Safes

Want to protect your valuables when you are out of town? Maybe, you run a business and need something to store a little cash in. A burglar fire safe is your next step up from a regular fire safe. It provides the fire protection but with an added amount of security. This security includes a more sophisticated lock (mechanical or electronic), steel frame and larger locking bolts. Some of them also come with a relocking glass plate to help make it difficult to open if someone tries to open it without the combination.

Avg Cost: $900-$1400

Gun Safes

Want the best bang for you buck or just have an extensive gun collection? A gun safe is not just for guns. A gun safe features both fire and burglar protection with added room, carpet interior, optional lighting and shelves instead of a gun rack. For your avid gun user, this safe holds rifles, bullets and can have an optional pistol pack installed to hold all your guns.

Avg Cost: $900-$2500

Floor Safes

Do you want a safe but do not want anyone knowing it? Welcome to a solution. A floor safe is a burglar safe that is buried in the floor or either your garage or basement and incased in concrete. This safe is level with the floor so you can easily cover it with a rug or shelf. The door is steel and comes in either 1/2″ or 1″ and the door is removable, along with being spring loaded for easy access.

Avg Cost: $500-$1300

Drop Safes

A drop safe is a great way to have employees make deposits without giving them access to your other items in your safe. An easy drop at the top allows people to put things in but not take them out and there is no need to give them your combination. A drop safe would be a great addition to your business.

Avg Cost: $200-$500


Tool Rated Safes

Do you store a lot of cash, precious metals or precious stones or gems? A tool rated safe is for you. These are tool rated for either 15 or 30 minutes to withstand any kind of assault by a tool to the door. They are usually made with 1-2 inch steel and built to last.

Avg Cost: $1200-$4000